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Well, hello there.



Welcome to my portfolio page. I'm a cross-functional, passionately positive Creative Director/Producer/Content Strategist/Concepter/Campaign Designer/Storyteller. Call me whatever you'd like; I help distill complex technologies, solve problems, strategize cross-platform marketing ideas, and collaborate with teams to design story-driven content inspired by blue sky possibilities while paying respect to every last micro-detail.

Where many producers and project managers focus on management and draw the line at creative, I bring over 15 hands-on years of agency experience as a writer, director, and editor - along with my global network of top talent - to the game.

After a past full-time career crafting movie trailers for major studio release campaigns at agencies including mOcean, The Ant Farm, Trailer Park, Seismic, and Aspect, and helping launch a few more along the way including Big Picture and Create; I left sunny LA for a life in the San Francisco fog to join Lucasfilm Ltd. in 2009.


In 2015 I proudly joined Dolby Laboratories' Brand Content Experiences design team where my position evolved as their chief AV storyteller for all things Dolby Cinema, including Dolby Vision and Atmos. While driving content development to support product UX, trade show installations, and 360° experiences; I've had the pleasure of working with some truly wonderful people around the world on some fantastically diverse and amazing projects, fusing groundbreaking technology with elegant design.


I love wearing as many hats as possible. You may have even heard I'm a pretty decent VO talent. Working with teams in the Bay Area, LA and around the world, I have traveled to direct video shoots, interviewed top filmmakers including Steven Spielberg, Alfonso Cuarón, Bradley Cooper and Francis Ford Coppola; guided print and digital design, driven social strategy, refined brand messaging, and developed toolkits to energize and support brand continuity across mediums and consumer touch-points.

The only thing I love more than pushing beyond the limits of comfort zones and getting my hands dirty - from concept through delivery - is to collaborate with people who boldly inspire growth and hopefully teach me a new thing or two. Enjoy the show and if you're so inclined; please drop me a line and let's connect.