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Matt was an outstanding member of my team at Dolby. As a multi-disciplined creative resource and effective people manager, he concepted, wrote, directed and produced great advertising, demo and social/digital video content. He was also entrusted with and very skilled at interviewing high stakes luminaries and Hollywood celebrities, whether part of a larger planned shoot or live on the red carpet at film premieres; confidently capturing essential conversations with researched speaking points, and even in impromptu, unscripted scenarios. He has personally interviewed most of the top feature film directors and produced most of Dolby’s testimonial video content over the last five years. And did I say that he is also an accomplished voice over talent and he has a great sense of humor!

-Vince Voron, VP, Executive Creative Director, Dolby


Matt demonstrated a fantastic sense of diplomacy and collaboration across what was very often a complicated group of both internal and external stakeholders to deliver some truly outstanding works of Dolby creative. As a seasoned creative director, he leveraged his vast entertainment marketing experience and relationships in the role and among other initiatives he oversaw the majority of Dolby’s cinema related content with near complete autonomy. He consistently brought his passionate sense of vision and meticulous attention to detail to every project with great results and an inspiring, positive attitude. Most importantly to Dolby: in addition to his creative chops, Matt was able to leverage his technical mastery of our technologies to maximize and articulate Dolby experiences to their fullest - in ways that felt both self-apparent, and spectacular.

-Angus McGilpin, Senior Director, Dolby


Matt and I worked together at Lucasfilm for almost 5 years. During that time, we worked closely to produce a vast amount of creative content, including countless trailers, TV spots and award-winning special features. Matt excelled at working collaboratively and cross-functionally in a fast paced, high-profile and high-stakes environment. Matt is a fantastic storyteller, editor, producer, innovator and creative mind. He developed an excellent rapport throughout the company and regularly communicated with executive leadership. Our friendship and professional relationship has continued well beyond Lucasfilm and I’d be delighted to both recommend and work with Matt again in the future.


-Danielle Marusa, Producer, Lucasfilm Ltd.


I worked with Matt at Dolby and Lucasfilm. Starting as an editor makes him an even stronger Creative Director. He sees the bigger picture and crafts campaigns with this in mind. His expertise from Creative to Finish is invaluable. It's refreshing to discuss post finishing with a creative. He embraces all aspects of technology. His attention to detail is sublime. Matt is a leader, a listener, an inspiration and a collaborator. 

-Sue Resatka, Executive Creative Director, Paradise Creative


Matt comes with brilliant creativity and no ego. Willing to work hard and fast when necessary and put the touch on anything that you need crafted. Able to operate autonomously, manage the entire project or work closely as part of a team. Matt is the go to guy for me, whenever I can hire a true professional. He came highly recommended to me and will not disappoint, and also save you on occasions as well. Get him on your team while you still can.

-Ian James Duncan, Head of Video Production, Wargaming

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