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Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to Concoction. Why the funny name? My oldest daughter Haydin, while very young, used to indulge in her own creative "concoctions" by mixing disparate things together. Paint, glue, ketchup, beans, buttons, you name it. To experiment, learn, and discover. To inspire. And most importantly; to grow.


As for me, I'm a cross-functional, passionately positive Creative Director/Producer/Content Strategist/Concepter/Campaign Designer/Storyteller. Call me whatever you'd like; I help distill complex technologies, solve problems, strategize cross-platform marketing ideas, scale, and collaborate with teams to design story-driven content. Inspired by blue sky possibilities, while paying respect to every last micro-detail. Together with other creatives, we mix things up.

Where many producers and project managers focus on management and draw the line at creative, I bring over 15 hands-on years of agency and in-house experience in both motion picture advertising and tech; as a writer, director, and editor - along with my global network of top talent - to the game. We look forward to talking about your next project.

Enjoy the show and drop me a line.



-Matt Zogaric

Founder & Creative Director


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